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Applying is as easy as 1-2-3!

Application Information



Click on the 'APPLY' button for that Property to submit an application.



This must accompany the online application and be emailed to



*Please note: The Application Fee is non-refundable and must accompany your application. We will not start processing your application until we have this payment. 

If your application is approved, there will be a $50 lease processing fee to finalize the lease for the Property.



This must be emailed with your application to

Acceptable forms of income include:

1. Last 2 months of pay stubs

2. Offer of Employment Letter

3. 2 most recent tax returns (if self-employed)

4. Social Security earnings statements

5. Child support documentation

Steps to Apply



Browse our available rentals and select one that meets your needs.



Qualification Requirements


A minimum income level of 3 times the monthly rent is required to qualify. If this income requirement is not met by one applicant, we can combine the income of 2 or more applicants as long as each applicant can provide proof of income of at least 2 times the monthly rental rate. 

* Cash income must be fully documented.

* Income should be stable over past 6 months or longer.


Above a 500 credit score and all accounts in good-standing, OR, a combined average of credit scores to equal 600+ (with records of paying underlying debts on time).

* No judgments, evictions, collections, foreclosures, bankruptcy or repossessions during past 3 years. 

* When a Basic Tenant Screening is run, our screening provider, TransUnion, sends an email out to the applicant asking them to release their personal information. This is standard for what’s known as a “soft credit check,” and will not affect the applicant’s credit history.


Good standing rental history for the past t2 years. If living with family or friends, then your application will be processed as having no landlord references and a double deposit will be required only if you meet all other qualifications. If you had owned your own home for the past 2 years, we will require that your mortgage be or was documented to be in good standing in order to qualify for our rentals.

* No evictions or lease terminations allowed due to conduct, damages, lease violations,or non-payment. No history of breaking a lease without the landlord’s consent, damaging rental property or losing your deposit for any reason.


A national criminal background check will be run on all applicants and applications will be checked through the national Sex Offender and OFAC/Terrorist database.

* Applicant must not provide any false information or will forfeit any future application submissions on any of Simply Managed properties.

 *Each background check includes a full credit report with credit score, a complete background check and identity verification, and an eviction history report.


We require everyone to complete a 3rd-party screening and review process. This ensures all applicants have reviewed and understand our pet policy and any Applicants with pets are able to submit their pet documentation for review and approval through this 3rd-party site. 3rd-party fees may apply to this process and are separate from any application fees paid to us. There is an additional per pet fee required to be paid in full prior to occupancy and an additional pet rent fee per pet monthly.


  • No more than 2 occupants per bedroom will be allowed and no more than 3 unrelated parties to a property.

  • Tenant must obtain and hold a Renter's Insurance Policy throughout their occupancy.

  • Our Properties may be Pet Friendly on a per property basis, if approved by Landlord/Owner, Tenants must sign a Pet Addendum to their lease.

  • Service Animals must be disclosed by tenant with proper documentation verifying their title.

  • The smoking/vaping of tobacco or marijuana, illegal drug use or illegal activity will not be tolerated, period.

Tenants must provide proof of Renter's Insurance policy prior to the keys being released and occupancy. Renter's Insurance can be easily obtained fairly quickly and is typically inexpensive. Please be prepared to provide this insurance proof upon request at the time of lease signing. We have great Insurance Companies we refer to. Click below to view our VENDORS.

What would cause a denial of an application?

  • Eviction within the past 3 years

  • Open Bankruptcy, judgments, collections, foreclosures, bankruptcy or repossessions during past 3 years.

  • Felony convictions or admissions of guilt in the past 7 years

  • Negative feedback reports from previous landlords

  • Multiple misdemeanor convictions or admissions of guilt in the past 7 years

  • Unpaid tax liens or judgements

  • Lack of Proof Income of the minimum 3 times the rent (or other criteria for multiple renters)

  • Smoking: There will be NO ALLOWED smoking or vaping of any kind allowed in any of our rental properties.

  • Growing of Medical Cannabis is not allowed in or on any of our properties.

  • Restricted Pets: We will only restrict what county ordinances or HOAs restrict within their CCRs/Rules and Regulations.


Simply Managed screens each applicant immediately upon submission of their application. Applications are not processed on a first come, first served basis. Applications will be processed concurrently and we will select the best qualified candidate for our properties. If your application passes our pre-screening qualification criteria and the property you are applying for is still available, you will be asked to submit an application deposit. This deposit is equal to one-half of the security deposit and will hold the property off the market for a maximum of 48-hours while we complete your application. If your application is approved, then the deposit will be collected immediately and you will be required to sign a lease within 2 days of approval. If you fail to sign the lease within the 2 days or fail to move-in to the property upon the signing of a lease, the application deposit will be forfeited and paid to the property owner for their lost rent potential. If you do not submit the application deposit, we will continue to accept other applications on the property and any other qualified applicants will be given the opportunity to submit a deposit to hold the property for themselves.

Any applications with questionable qualifications or lack of credit history may be asked to pay an increased security deposit in order to be approved. Simply Managed reserves the right to decline any application that does not meet the above-stated qualifications. We may allow Co-Signers, but it will be up to the discretion of the Landlord/Owner, thus, on a case by case basis. We reserve the right to reject any application that requires a co-signer to qualify.


If you turn in an incomplete application, it will not be considered until it is completed. Submitting an application will not hold a property for the applicant. Please ensure information is accurate; references or employers not getting back to us can allow a competing application to be completely processed before yours.